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We will help you develop, optimize and socially distance your business, even in covid-19 quarantine

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Intensified quarantine measures required most of the business to move to remote operating mode, for which many were not prepared. Given the trend of increasing social distance measures, it is necessary either to have a margin of safety in order to survive another quarantine, or to organize workflows with the ability to perform them remotely.
But have you ever considered how to organize the ability to serve and advise your customers?

There is a way out

Our solution

— is a service for remote maintenance. It allows your clients to make an online call to a consultant or request a call-back.You are instantly notified of this and will not miss a single visitor, no matter where you are at this time: on a break, at your cottage, at home or in quarantine.

You'll be able to do your customer service work more efficiently, with the ability to engage consultants remotely.Thanks to our service, you will be able to see a list of phones buyers who want to get a callback or online consultation in the mode of videoconference, you can see the customer, show him your products, being in stock products, demonstrate the screen of your monitor to clarify the details of the order, while communicating with any convenient for you device: phone, tablet or computer.

Why us?

Every case has to be based on the benefits it brings. The key to the success of your case depends on the number of people who will benefit from it. The social focus of our business is to train and enable people with disabilities who have limited mobility to get the job done. In order to include them in the full process of work, it was necessary to organize remote training and configure the ability to perform work processes remotely. The result of our work was a virtual workstation to consult clients with the effect of presence in our office, with a person working remotely in comfortable conditions. Quarantine and social distance conditions have made many people think about how to live and work in the new environment, because such situations can repeat themselves and be better prepared for them. We hope that our service will allow you to set up work with clients and employees more effectively and remotely with safety for their health, even in the conditions of social distance.

It's easier than it looks

Easy start

To organize your work you will need any computer or gadget (preferably with a touch nerve). Or you can use our ready-made solutions.

The quick setup of the consultant call form and the information feed will take you 2 minutes.

Choose the best option for you

Call a remote consultant from the screen at the point of sale (the ability to attract remote employees to work, to do work in a social distance, to organize a remote customer service department, to make your business a social one, offering the opportunity to do work to people with limited mobility)

Order a consultation

Call an online consultant remotely:
- from the site (button placement);
- posters (qr-code placement);
- banner (qr-code placement)
for consultation, visual communication, purchase of goods with subsequent delivery or self-delivery (to be able to sell remotely the goods that the buyer needs to see)

Order a consultation

How it works


Setting up the information feed on the site


Add a link to video chat and messenger


Create a list of employees to whom to send notifications about calls


Making settings on the device, which is planned to be used for receiving calls


When you press the callback button, you receive a message with the visitor's phone number


When you call an online consultant, you receive notification and are connected to a video conference with the client. If necessary, you can connect other employees for consultation

Example in action

Food Shop

Selection of goods in the store by video with a consultant to send home delivery

Hotel business

Demonstration of rooms and territory to potential visitors

Car service

Remote consultation with the customer at the spare parts store without the need for a personal visit

Flower business

ПSelection, composition and demonstration of bouquets, flowers, compositions via video conference

Why is the future behind this

You have new opportunities:

Organize remote customer service work

Introduction of online consultants

Scale up and replicate your business

Using the ability to consult remotely

Do not be tied to a service point

Wherever you are, you will be notified when a client contacts you

You can communicate with the customer from any device

Smartphone, tablet or computer - you are not limited in your choice

Don't miss a visitor during the break

You will always be notified of a new client

Control the quality of service

Recording conversations helps to analyze the quality of service

Demonstrate Schemes and Graphics

Clear demonstration of the screen for the customer

Implement social distancing measures

Ability to communicate with the client remotely

Inform customers about new promotions

All information is broadcast on an advertising slider

Attract new customers

The information slider attracts attention

Save on space for the consultant's work area

Touch screen or tablet can be placed anywhere

Make your business socially responsible

The ability to attract people with restricted mobility to work

Tariff plan

0 ₴/month

Return call

Video chat

Notifications in telegram

Banner setting

Number of chats


Placing a button on the site

100 ₴/month

Return call

Video chat

Notifications in telegram

Banner setting

Number of chats


Placing a button on the site

1000 ₴/month

Return call

Video chat

Notifications in telegram

Banner setting

Number of chats


Placing a button on the site


Return call

Video chat

Notifications in telegram

Banner setting

Number of chats

Placing a button on the site

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